Innocent Europeans in U.S. Prisons

Européennes Innocentes dans Prisons Américaines
Unschuldige Europäer in Amerikanischen Gefängnissen
Onschuldige Europeanen in Amerikaanse Gevangenissen

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The United States of America, with its horribly corrupt legal system, operates the world's largest gulag of prisons. The U.S. has more than 2 million prisoners, over 25 percent of all the prisoners in the entire world, collected in a giant and awful machine of slave labor and political repression. Not counting children and the elderly, 1 out every 80 U.S. residents is behind bars.

Of these 2-million-plus prisoners, many are innocent, and over 50,000 are foreign citizens. Of these foreign citizens in American prisons, a number are innocent Europeans. Here are links to websites about some Europeans in U.S. prisons, who are known or widely regarded to be innocent of the crimes for which they are charged.

Such innocent prisoners would benefit from a united European front demanding their release from the U.S. gulag. The power and influence of European governments should be applied to rescue these victims, and to bring them home.

Innocent Citizen of Germany
Dieter Riechmann

Recent article on Dieter Riechmann from DW-World

Innocent Citizen of Scotland, the U.K.
Kenny Richey

The Official Kenny Richey Campaign

For genuinely FREE postings or viewing of addresses to write prisoners in the US or other jails ("Prisoner Pen Pals"), see:

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